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All brand new vehicles leave the factory with some measure of protection on the outside. In most cases, it’s done to help protect the car during the delicate transport process where close-quarters maneuvering on a semi-trailer is required. Few cars take it to the extreme as the C8 Chevrolet Corvette, however, as seen in this new video from Cars and Crosbie.

New car deliveries in the U.S. and Canada are underway, and this clip captures the arrival of 2LT ‘Vette finished in Elkhart Lake Blue – a stunning metallic shade that has an almost electric glow in the sunlight. You’d never know it sitting on the truck though, since all C8 Corvettes are literally wrapped nose-to-tail in a full cocoon. The protective covering can be peeled back to allow a driver behind the wheel for loading and unloading, but otherwise, everything is covered.

When all new cars are delivered to dealerships, they go through an inspection and prep process where protective wrappings are removed, various covers and caps are installed, and so forth. For the C8, that process is rather like unwrapping a gigantic gift since the full body cover is taped to the car in several key areas. The video chronicles the process, starting with inspections on the passenger side that move to the front, driver side, and eventually to the rear. Through it all, the Corvette’s blue finish is eventually revealed.

Corvette hype has died down in the year since Chevy’s mid-engine bombshell debuted, but it’s interesting to watch a portion of the shipping and delivery process not often seen outside a select few people at dealerships. Many collectors flock on cars that still have original wrappings in place – we can’t help but wonder if there are already some C8 owners who’ve insisted on either keeping the delivery cover, or even leaving it installed on a garage queen that doesn't see the street.

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