Plenty of news from China this last week, starting with the Audi Cross Coupe Concept followed immediately by the BMW CS. But it did not stop there, Ian Robertson (Chairman and CEO at Rolls-Royce) told reporters that a baby Rolls-Royce is in the works and should be presentable by the end of the decade. Ian Robertson: "We are working on a smaller car, a relatively smaller car." No word on how relatively small, but for Rolls-Royce that would mean larger than the BMW 7 Series and obviously smaller than the Phantom. Sales are expected to double (currently about 800 units annually), and a second production line at Goodwood is in preparation. At the same time, Ian Robertson was delighted to announce the 80th Rolls-Royce dealership in China, with more on the way. "China is a very important market for Rolls-Royce, with sales in 2006 growing by more than 60 per cent, making the region our third largest market in the world behind the USA and the UK." In that respect it is no big surprise that the news came from Shanghai, and not from Frankfurt later this year.

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