Don't try this at home.

The US market won’t get the all-new Honda Fit during the 2020 model year but we are not here to judge and we will leave it up to you whether that’s good or bad news. However, consider this - the previous generation of the model that’s sold as the Jazz outside North America can be turned into an awesome off-roader

The living proof comes from Jefferson Palma, who is running a YouTube channel documenting the creation of his lifted Fit off-road exploring vehicle. The oldest Fit-related video in his channel is from approximately a year ago so that’s probably when most of the work on the car was done.

The vehicle itself is a 2015 Fit which has received 30-inch all-terrain tires, a functional snorkel sourced from a Toyota Land Cruiser, and fender flares from a Jeep Cherokee, as The Drive reports. At the back, there’s a spare tire mount, tow hitch, signal boost antenna, and two small jerry-cans

In one of his latest videos, Palma explores the Reward Mine, aka Brown Monster Mine, located in the desert region of eastern California. It’s surprisingly big and you can actually drive a small car through some of the tunnels. It is “definitely not a Sunday drive” though.

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“Be prepared, this road is not for the faint of heart or ill prepared,” Palma explains in the video description. “One mistake can have serious consequences. The drive is extremely dangerous and risky. There is little room for error on this road. Not recommended driving into the mine. The mine is full of areas where there is evidence of collapse. Drivers not heeding out advice use extreme caution and have contingencies.”

Thankfully, Palma and his off-road-ready Fit are the perfect fit (pun intended) for this sort of adventure. Watch the video and enjoy both the unusual off-roader and the beautiful trail.