It’s no surprise that with the current COVID-19 pandemic, we all have unexpected time on our hands. A movement of self-improvement has begun, and we are learning new skills and trying new things. Koenigsegg is no exception and has recently taken part in producing what the Swedish automaker calls a spare time in-house production.

While Koenigsegg vehicles have spent countless hours in front of cameras, there’s a role reversal when it comes to being on the other side. That all changes now with the brand’s latest short-film called The Reign, which features company founder and CEO Christian von Koenigsegg and his personal Regera.

The story begins with Christian giving his Regera a wash. While detailers have said that Koenigsegg vehicles possess concourse-quality paint from the factory, Christian isn’t doing his Regera any favors. We know the film is all for fun but we definitely cringed a little seeing the cheap sponge sliding across the paint.

Semantics aside, the film features an Easter egg with the Ghost Squadron that is tasked with protecting the Regera. While it may just sound like an insignificant task force written into the film, the real Ghost Squadron actually plays a very important role for the Swedish automaker. In fact, its factory in Ängelholm used to house The Ghosts, Sweden’s oldest fighter plane squadron. Right from the start, Koenigsegg decided to honor the Ghost Squadron’s heritage in its ghost-shaped logo. 

Following the car wash, Christian gets a call from an adversary in Monaco who wants his sacred Regera. Unfortunately, as it was the last to roll off of the production line he isn’t parting with it, or so he thought….

While there are some campy qualities to the Koenigsegg film, we are curious to see what future episodes will hold. Let us know your thoughts on the summer series in the comments below. 

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