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Lincoln is spicing up its 2021MY lineup by making the Monochromatic Package widely available across its lineup. By the way, the company’s family of models will soon consist of only SUVs considering the Continental is on its way out. Originally introduced last fall for the Navigator, the one-color theme can now be had for the Corsair, Nautilus, and Aviator. Aside from the previous Pristine White, Ceramic Pearl, and Infinite Black colors, Ford’s luxury division is also adding Asher Gray.

It’s worth mentioning that color availability depends on the model as not all four are available for each and every SUV. For example, the Nautilus comes exclusively in Infinite Black, while the Corsair and Aviator can be had in Pristine White, Asher Gray, or Infinite Black. As for the Navigator, you can order it in Ceramic Pearl, Infinite Black, or Pristine White.

The Lincoln grille and name badge come in the monochromatic hue, while the side mirrors, wheel lip moldings, and the lower cladding are also color-coordinated with the rest of the body on some models. Customers get to pick from 20- and 22-inch black wheels, and that’s pretty much all you’re getting compared to a standard SUV.

The company’s chief exterior designer, Earl Lucas, describes the Monochromatic Package as being “clean, uncluttered, and emphasizes the beautiful lines of our Lincoln SUVs.” He goes on to say the optional feature keeps the lineup fresh, which is certainly paying off as Lincoln’s SUV market share reached more than seven percent in the second quarter of 2020.

Lincoln Monochromatic Package lineup

Lincoln previously wanted to add a new SUV to its lineup by launching an electric model co-developed with Rivian, but there was a change of plan. The partnership between the two has remained intact and we know from a Lincoln representative that an “alternative vehicle” using Rivian’s skateboard platform is under consideration.

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Lincoln’s Monochromatic Package, which debuted on the full-size Navigator SUV last fall, is now available for Lincoln Corsair, Nautilus and Aviator
As SUVs continue to drive momentum for the brand, Lincoln expands the package across the lineup to offer clean, dramatic sweeps of color that showcase the bold and elegant lines of Lincoln SUVs
The Monochromatic Package, with four color options, offers clients another way to personalize their Lincoln vehicle with an on-trend palette
DEARBORN, Mich., July 10, 2020 – The sleek, dramatic and striking elegance of Lincoln’s Monochromatic Package, which debuted on the flagship Lincoln Navigator SUV, now expands across the brand’s growing SUV lineup to Corsair, Nautilus and Aviator.

As monochromatic color schemes gain traction in a variety of fields including fashion and home décor, Lincoln SUVs are continuing to drive momentum for the brand. In the second quarter of this year, Lincoln SUV retail share continued to make big gains for the brand with an estimated 1.5 percent retail share lift to more than 7 percent share of the premium SUV segment. The Aviator continued to deliver strong growth for the brand with 10 percent retail share of the large premium SUV segment, while the Corsair grew to more than 8.5 percent of the small premium SUV segment.

The Monochromatic Package – in Pristine White, Ceramic Pearl, Infinite Black and now Asher Gray – offers clients another way to personalize their Lincoln vehicle. The exterior package features the signature Lincoln grille and name badge in the monochromatic hue along with unique 20-inch and 22-inch black wheel designs. Depending on vehicle, additional elements include body-colored side mirrors, lower cladding and wheel lip moldings.

“The monochromatic palette is clean, uncluttered and emphasizes the beautiful lines of our Lincoln SUVs,” says Earl Lucas, Lincoln chief exterior designer. “From the Corsair, Nautilus, Aviator to Navigator, this option not only enables us to keep our lineup fresh, but also gives our clients a unique option to personalize their Lincoln SUV.”

The Monochromatic Package is available in the following colors across the Lincoln SUV lineup:

2021 Lincoln Corsair: Pristine White, Infinite Black and Asher Gray
2020 Lincoln Nautilus: Infinite Black
2021 Lincoln Aviator: Pristine White, Infinite Black and Asher Gray
2020 Lincoln Navigator: Pristine White, Ceramic Pearl and Infinite Black

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