Volvo has released some new details about the Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) that will underpin the 2015 XC90.

Starting with the platform itself, it is constructed of mild steel, high strength steel, very high strength steel, extra high strength steel and ultra high strength steel. The architecture also has aluminum components to help reduce weight.

The platform will also feature a new electrical architecture that can easily accommodate advances in microprocessor, sensor and camera technology.

Speaking of technology, the crossover will be equipped with a system that can detect pedestrians and large animals at night. If the driver fails notice either a pedestrian or a large animal, the car will automatically begin braking itself to prevent or reduce the severity of a crash.

Furthermore, the XC90 will have a smart seat belt pre-tension system that increases the "retention of the occupants before and during the event of a collision." As an example, the seat belts will automatically tighten if the radar detects a crash is imminent.

The XC90 will also be offered with Adaptive Cruise Control with Steer Assist. The system automatically steers the car and keeps pace with traffic during traffic jams.

According to Jan Ivarsson, Senior Manager of Safety Strategy and Requirements at Volvo Cars, “Allowing the car to act automatically is crucial when moving towards the vision that future cars will not crash at all. The technologies enabled by our new Scalable Product Architecture will bring us significantly closer to this ultimate goal."

Check out the press release for additional information

Gallery: Volvo shows off the Scalable Product Architecture for the 2015 XC90 [video]

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