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There’s no denying that Rolls-Royce is among the automakers that are offering the widest range of customization options to its customers. In fact, the British manufacturer is taking this service to the next level by selling limited-edition vehicles. Case in point, RR has just introduced yet another collection model from the Wraith family.

Joining the Adamas Collection and Luminary Collection, the new Wraith Kryptos Collection takes inspiration by the art of writing and solving codes. More precisely, the designers of the Goodwood-based automaker have taken inspiration from the Kryptos Sculpture at the Central Intelligence Agency in the United States and developed their own cipher, “codifying a journey that only a few will master.”

The cipher is most visible on the dashboard where it covers most of the central sections and fades in from the passenger side towards the driver’s side. The hidden text is engraved on a dark brushed metal base and is best viewed from the driver’s position. 

Another, equally impressive cipher has been integrated into the headliner thanks to a bi-color starlight arrangement. There’s a dynamic lighting feature that flows from the front to the rear of the headliner. A similar cipher theme can also be seen on the front headrests.

Gallery: 2020 Rolls-Royce Wraith Kryptos Collection

“The ciphers, hidden in plain sight, contribute to the cryptographic journey through the car. The bespoke collection captivates all onlookers but further rewards those who endeavor to look a little closer, and to master that which goes unseen,” the manufacturer says.

Rolls-Royce briefly mentions it will produce just 50 examples of the Wraith Kryptos Collection without going into pricing details.

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