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Audi has been pretty busy with the development of future electric products. We’ve seen spy photos of the E-Tron GT and Q4 E-Tron, and today the company will unveil the Q4 Sportback E-Tron in concept form. The brand will play a significant role in Volkswagen Group’s push to launch no less than 75 electric vehicles through 2029 - in fact, the Ingolstadt-based firm will take the flagship position with a new high-tech electric sedan.

Autocar appears to be in the know that Audi is developing a future range-topping EV dubber the A9 E-Tron. It is believed the EV is being developed by a dedicated team called Artemis and should be ready for a market launch in 2024. It should take the shape of a luxury and futuristic sedan or liftback, similar in its shape to the current Audi A7.

Codenamed E6, the project is still in the early stages of development and we believe we will start seeing prototypes testing on public roads in about two years from now. The Artemis engineering team will work in a close connection with VAG’s other teams, including the software R&D teams of the Group’s other brands. This probably hints some of the technologies seen in the model will be adopted by other future electric vehicles from Volkswagen and Porsche.

Gallery: Audi Aicon Concept

Speaking of technologies, the A9 E-Tron should benefit from Audi’s latest developments in the electric powertrain department, including new batteries and more efficient electric motors. In addition, 5G connectivity functions, including extensive use of ‘car-to-X’ features, augmented reality, and over-the-air upgrades are also in the cards, according to Autocar.

The model is believed to go directly against the Mercedes-Benz EQS and new Jaguar XJ with a design inspired by the Aicon concept from 2017 (pictured in the gallery above).

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