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When it comes to performance machines, Hyundai doesn’t offer much. The Veloster N is an outstanding hot hatchback, and last November the automaker stunned us with a mid-engine prototype version called the RM19. Word is that some kind of mid-engine Hyundai is destined for production, but will it have a Veloster shape?

The folks from Korean Car Blog have an interesting take on that question, and it’s brought to life through their rendering featured above. As you can clearly see, the answer is decidedly no – this creative concept takes the form of a more traditional sports car with a narrow take on Hyundai’s corporate grille. The front clip is obviously inspired by the recently updated Santa Fe SUV, but from there we’re treated to a sleek machine with sweeping lines very similar to the Hyundai Prophecy concept that appeared in the spring. It’s certainly not a bad look at all.

Can we expect something like this from Hyundai? The automaker hasn’t been forthcoming on information since the coronavirus pandemic hit. A mid-engine machine was confirmed late last year, and of course, Hyundai presented its Veloster-bodied RM19 for the world to drool over. Korean Car Blog reports that despite this, the production model will not be related to the Veloster at all. In essence, that makes the prototype something of a test mule for a new mid-engine architecture.

Gallery: Hyundai RM19

As for power, it’s quite likely the sports car will feature a hybrid powertrain. The gasoline engine will be behind the driver, obviously. But a deal with Rimac should mean the niche EV hypercar company will offer electrification in some manner, possibly driving the front wheels while internal-combustion power turns the rear.

In any case, provided coronavirus doesn’t kill the program we’re likely a few years away from seeing anything. if Hyundai’s design team has something in store that even remotely resembles this handsome rendering, however, it could well be worth the wait.

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