Grigory Gorin from Tula, Russia has sent us a batch of renders with his vision of an Aston Martin concept celebrating the brand’s centenary.

The Aston Martin VIE GH Anniversary 100 Concept draws its inspiration from the 1935 Ulster and the more recent 2009 One-77. The "VIE" moniker comes from "Vehement, Intelligent, Electro" and the concept is envisioned with fuel cell technology. It has a hydrogen tank installed under the rear suspension and a lithium-ion battery mounted in the center of the car while the battery has been integrated into the roof.

The artist imagined his creation with a hydrogen-aerial electrochemical generator at the front and with an electric motor within each wheel to provide the car with an all-wheel drive setup. It also has an adjustable independent suspension and a monocoque body structure made from carbon fiber. To top it all off, the concept is conceived with an adjustable transparent glass with opacity control.

Gallery: Aston Martin VIE GH Anniversary 100 Concept rendered

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