Al Ain Class Motors from Dubai has a virtually unused yellow McLaren P1 up for sale at an undisclosed price tag.

The McLaren P1 entered production at the beginning of October and deliveries commenced a couple of weeks later. Less than two months have passed since then and already one of the cars is on sale at Al Ain Class Motors in Dubai. We remind you P1 production will be limited to 375 units and all cars have already been sold.

Since it's too late to buy a brand new McLaren P1 right now, most likely the vehicle available at the showroom in Dubai costs more than 866,000 GBP which was the asking price when the car went on sale. According to the ad, the car hasn't been driven at all which indicates the owner bought it as an investment rather than for personal use.

Special thanks go to Sultan Alhumaid for sending us the tip! More photos can be found at the source link below.

Gallery: McLaren P1 already on the used car market, available at a Dubai showroom

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