It was just about a year ago when Porsche confirmed the existence of the E Cross Turismo, which, at the time, was supposedly a concept crossover of sorts based on the already potent Taycan platform. The first of many derivatives based on the platform, the Cross Turismo inches closer to its launch in late 2020, with a good number of test mules already spotted in the past few months doing their usual road testing, and showing off that Porsche's latest Taycan iteration is just about production-ready.

The latest spy video is a quick clip from someone recording on the German Autobahn who was lucky enough to catch a Taycan Cross Turismo sporting that weird taillight camo that we've seen before. While the video is just under a minute, it gives us a good look at the rear of the neat looking electric station wagon. Just like we've reported before, these mules look to be exactly what we'll be getting very soon, with Porsche still not willing to reveal the complete rework of the single-piece LED taillight strip that's similar to that in the regular Taycan. If anything, that red tape kinda makes it look like some sort of raccoon, and draws more attention to the rear lights than anything else. 

Of course, it's looking as sleek as ever and is essentially a Taycan with a longer roof and cargo space. Not a bad thing at all. As with the regular Taycan, we can expect similar if not the same trims, with the Taycan 4S, Taycan Turbo, and Taycan Turbo S with power outputs that range between 530 horsepower (395 kilowatts) and 761 hp (567 kW). We can also expect similar handling performance, extremely quick acceleration, and all-wheel-drive as standard. 

We'll learn more in time, and not much has been said about the other versions of the Taycan from Porsche just yet. One thing's for sure, though; you can expect Porsche to be on the frontlines of the EV race for quite some time. 




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