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When was the last time you've heard someone ask if a wooden clutch disc would work in a car? That's right – never. I'm not sure about you but I've never heard anyone ask me that, but that didn't stop our friends from Russia from answering that question. Now, if you've guessed that it's Garage 54 answering that question, you're right.

The guys from Garage 54 aren't strangers to working with wood on automobiles. In fact, they've created a wooden house on wheels that's drivable, giving us an entirely different definition of motorhomes.

But this one's entirely different. The goal is to take a clutch disc's entire friction lining and replace it with a pre-fabricated wooden sample. What for, you ask? We're not entirely sure. Maybe if you ran out of places to buy a clutch disc replacement? Or maybe to know if a carpenter could take your favorite mechanic's place in case you need to replace your clutch? We're totally as clueless as you are.

Whatever the reason is, Garage 54 sure made the wooden clutch disc work – at least during its initial testing phase. He was able to move forward and back, and even tried gears other than the first one – all worked without issues. Although, the presenter noted that he's smelling burnt wood within the cabin, which isn't surprising at all.

One of the major disappointment we saw from the readers in the comments section (and our complaint as well) is that why they didn't show the disc after testing. That would've been a sight.

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