At a recent track day at Toronto Motorsports Park, a Dodge Charger Hellcat owner took on a diverse lineup of challengers and easily mopped the floor with the competition. This Plum Crazy Charger Hellcat was clearly driven by an experienced drag racer who knows how to get the best launch from their car. The Charger Hellcat may live in the shadows of the Demon and new Hellcat Redeye, but as this owner demonstrated, there’s barely any competition out there for the Charger Hellcat on a drag strip.

Drag racing an automatic transmission car may seem like an easy task, but as any drag racer will tell you, there is a great deal of skill involved to get a perfect run. You don’t simply put your foot to the floor and drive in a straight line, although it may seem that way from the stands. Drag racing is all about reaction time and understanding how your car will gain traction off the starting line. This critical balance of feeding in power without spinning the tires too much, which results in lost time, is the ballet of drag racing.

The Charger featured in the video has aftermarket wheels and what appear to be drag strip focused radials that go a very long way in the traction department. These track-focused rubber compounds allow drivers to get the grip their car needs to launch off the line. The Charger owner also has the yellow front splitter guards, which allegedly add significant performance, although they are not dyno proven at the time of writing this article.
So why did the Charger Hellcat beat out a C7 Corvette Z06, Tesla Model 3, BMW M5, and an S197 Mustang GT? Well for starters, a stock Charger Hellcat runs an 11.9-second quarter-mile time, but with aftermarket wheels and tires, this owner is consistently running 10-second quarter-mile runs. Combine this setup with an experienced driver and the results speak for themselves. Thanks to some simple improvements you can help your Hellcat gain traction and become almost unbeatable on the drag strip.

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