Volvo was so impressed with last summer's treasure hunt that they're doing it again, but this time around they don't actually bury the XC90 which is up for grabs, but they sank $50,000 worth of gold into the ocean. Finders keepers, but you do need to sind up before hand (sign up) to get and keep your hands on the loot. Linda Gangeri, advertising manager at Volvo said the following: Aarrrgh matey, there be sunken trrreasure yonder. Round up ya scallywags and set sail. Aaargh. Well not that, but she did say this: "So, yes, we really did sink a treasure chest to the ocean floor filled with gold and the key to a new Volvo. It's sitting there right now just waiting to be found." You can return the plastic treasure chest with the Lego gold.

Gallery: Volvo Treasure Hunt Returns

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