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We already know the new Ford Bronco will debut on July 13. Furthermore, pretend you haven't seen the spy shots or leaked images that have permeated the internet in recent months. Actually, you don't even need to do that, because Ford's latest Bronco teaser actually gives us a good look at the SUV's backside. Part of it, anyway.

Ford has been rather clever with its Bronco teasers as-of late. The latest teaser is actually nine teasers, as the company posted nine square images in succession on Instagram. Similar to other teasers from the last few days, when you look at the official Bronco Instagram page, the nine shots form a mosaic that reveals the right rear corner of the SUV.

Five of those nine images show nothing but sand, and one shows a mere portion of the rear tire and bumper. The other three, however, give us some details on body lines and wheels. We can just make out a Bronco logo on the center cap of the black wheel, and the tire looks particularly aggressive in the off-road category.


Looking at the other two images, we get a clear look at the Bronco's fender flare and body line, reaching back to a square taillight. This view highlights the extremely short overhang at the back, with literally just the bumper existing behind the rear wheels. Interestingly, the spare tire on the back looks completely different from the tire we see churning through the sand.


When the Bronco debuts, it will be available in two-door and four-door format. It's widely believed it will feature a removable roof and doors, making it a true competitor to the Jeep Wrangler. As of this article posting, the big reveal is nearly two weeks away so expect to see more teasers in the coming days.

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