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With our cars gradually becoming rolling computers, automakers are always striving to implement the best new tech available. Take for example Mercedes with its latest navigation system for the MBUX infotainment, which combines graphical navigation instructions with traffic information into live images to make sure you’ll reach your destination as fast as possible. Augmented reality is also expected to become widespread in head-up displays later this decade.

AR is also used across the automotive industry as a next-level car configurator, allowing prospective customers to spec their ideal cars way better than any traditional website configurator can. In a similar fashion, we’ve stumbled upon a nifty app called Aerolarri that makes use of AR to allow users to (virtually) swap out the real wheels of their cars for a custom set.

There are seven alloy wheel designs to pick from, including four from Forgeline, perfectly replicated by making use of the original CAD files. Alternatively, a couple of unofficial Koenigsegg wheels are available. The video above shows what it’s like to try on new shoes for the Corvette C8 or a McLaren 720S without jacking up the car and getting your hands dirty.

Aerolarri also blurs the line between video games and real life as you can put a Koenigsegg Jesko or Gemera right in front of you and then “drive off.” If those cars are not fast enough, there’s also the Bloodhound LSR that has a targeted top speed of 1,000 mph… A wild low-slung Bernoulli concept car that looks like it traveled back from the future is controllable using the steering wheel and pedals on your smartphone's screen, similar to an R/C car.

Of course, nothing beats the real thing, but augmented reality is getting closer and closer as the technology advances and these photo-realistic 3D holographic overlays evolve.

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