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Right from the very beginning, Chevrolet made it pretty clear the new Corvette C8 will be a pretty special machine. Its mid-engine layout and supercar looks and dynamics are obviously the biggest contributors to this status but the little details also count. And General Motors is nailing it with the little gestures it’s making to its loyal customers.

The automaker already had a tradition of thanking some of its clients for buying a brand new Corvette with a small “Thank You” gift that usually included a personal letter and/or a frameable Corvette poster. Chevrolet is taking the game to a higher level with the Corvette C8, as CrovetteBlogger reports, by sending out cool scale models to buyers as gifts. These are different than Amalgam Collection's Corvette sculptures but the idea, in general, is similar.

The brand likes to call them “Speed Shape Models” and CorvetteBlogger contributor Jeremy Welborn describes them as being “larger than the traditional 1:25 promotional models” and “a lot heavier as well.” These models come in colors that match the buyers' actual Corvette C8s and there’s also a small badge with an engraving of the actual car’s VIN code. The little C8 replicas come packed in a nice black box.

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Users of the C8 Corvette Owners (And Friends) group on Facebook have posted a number of photos showing their gifts and there are models in black, orange, silver, and other colors. Everyone seems to be really appreciative of GM’s cool gesture.

We expect the manufacturer to continue its practice when deliveries of the Corvette Z06 begin, hopefully, at some point next year in time for the 2022 model year. We have preliminary information regarding a lot of the Z06’s tech features, including its active aerodynamics and flat-place crankshaft 5.5-liter V8, and we are eager to see all the pieces of the puzzle come together.

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