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The Land Rover Defender 90 and 110 Hard Top will put the British SUV back to work. The brand positions the new variant as being for commercial customers who need an off-road-capable to do the job. 

Inside, the Hard Top doesn't have second- or third-row seats to maximize cargo capacity. An optional jumpseat would allow for as many as three people to ride in the vehicle. The company anticipates a max towing capacity of 7,716 pounds (3,500 kilograms). There will also be towing assist tech to make hitching a trailer and reversing with one an easier job.

The Defender Hard Top also gets Land Rover's Pivi Pro infotainment system that supports over-the-air software updates. A smartphone app will let business customers monitor details like the vehicle's location and fuel level.

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"We will maximise the functionality and usability of New Defender’s cargo area, with tough materials and clever storage solutions to ensure it surpasses the capability of any previous Defender Hard Top," Michael van der Sande, Managing Director of Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations, said in the Hard Top's announcement.

The Hard Top name is a reference to the early Series Land Rovers where there was an available removable roof. The company doesn't currently offer a modern Defender without a top, so the choice of moniker for this commercial version doesn't really make much sense.

Land Rover will release more details about the Defender Hard Top closer to the model's launch later this year. The company expects prices to start around £35,500 ($43,635 at current exchange rates).

Land Rover's announcement makes no mention of offering the Defender Hard Top in the United States. It seems like an unlikely addition to the American market, though. Deliveries of the model began in the country in June. However, they have allegedly been in short supply in showrooms because the factory is getting back to work after shutting down for the coronavirus pandemic.

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  • The launch of the tough new commercial Defender 90 and 110 later this year will restore the    Hard Top name to the line-up
  • Back to business: Practical commercial versions of New Defender 90 and 110 will restore the Hard Top name to the iconic 4x4 family
  • Unstoppable capability: New Defender Hard Top body designs will bring unrivalled breadth of on and off-road capability to the commercial vehicle sector
  • Professional versatility: Land Rover’s most capable and durable commercial vehicle ever will provide a unique combination of cargo space, practicality and comfort
  • Clever and connected: Central front-row jump seat option to provide space for three, while
  • Software-Over-The-Air will deliver updates without visiting a retailer
  • Pulling power: Hard Top model will blend 3,500kg towing capacity with optional Advanced Tow Assist technology to effortlessly pull and manoeuvre trailers
  • Coming soon: Full details of New Defender 90 and 110 Hard Top will be revealed later this year when it will be available to order. Indicative price from £35,500 (plus VAT) in the UK

Whitley, UK, 30 June 2020 – Land Rover has confirmed the new commercial Defender 90 and 110 models will restore the Hard Top name to its rugged 4x4 family.

The versatile and durable Defender Hard Top will be launched later this year, combining unstoppable all-terrain capability with 21st-century connectivity to give professionals a unique combination of cargo space, practicality and premium comfort.

The Hard Top name dates back to 1950, when the introduction of demountable Hard Tops gave early Series Land Rovers added security and protection from the elements. New Defender Hard Top continues this ethos, sharing its fixed metal roof and silhouette with the iconic original.

Land Rover has experienced unprecedented global demand for New Defender 90 and 110 since its successful world premiere last September and the new Hard Top models will be the next additions to the legendary bloodline.

Defender’s aluminium-intensive D7x body architecture is three times stiffer than the best body-on-frame designs. Sharing its strong body structure and next-generation Electrical Vehicle Architecture (EVA 2.0) with passenger models, the Defender Hard Top is being developed by Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations to deliver unrivalled durability, practicality and toughness.

Michael van der Sande, Managing Director, Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations, said: “We will maximise the functionality and usability of New Defender’s cargo area, with tough materials and clever storage solutions to ensure it surpasses the capability of any previous Defender Hard Top.”

The 90 and 110 Hard Tops will both feature independent coil-sprung suspension, with advanced electronic air suspension also available on the 110. Both set-ups will provide outstanding off-road geometry, with ground clearance of 291mm, while the 110 Hard Top will have approach, breakover and departure angles of up to 38, 28 and 40 degrees respectively (in Off-Road height). Full technical details will be confirmed later this year.

Nick Collins, Land Rover Vehicle Line Director, said: “New Defender 90 and 110 Hard Top will be the toughest, most capable and most connected commercial 4x4s we have ever produced. They have been engineered to meet global safety standards and deliver impressive long-haul comfort, giving businesses and professionals the best of all worlds.”

An impressive payload and towing capacity of up 3,500kg* will combine to make New Defender the ultimate commercial 4x4. The flexible cabin has no second or third-row seats, but the optional front-row jump seat means it will still accommodate up to three people. Land Rover’s clever ClearSight Rear View mirror system preserves rearward visibility when the jump seat is occupied, or when the load space is full. It uses a live video feed from a rear-facing camera to give drivers an unobstructed view at all times.

New Defender Hard Top will be a world-class tow vehicle, with a raft of technologies to help hitch, drive and reverse safely while pulling a trailer. Land Rover’s intelligent Advanced Tow Assist system takes the stress out of difficult reversing manoeuvres by letting drivers steer trailers with their fingertips using a rotary controller on the centre console.

The maximum wading depth of 900mm is also supported by a new Wade programme in the Terrain Response 2 system, which ensures drivers can ford deep water with complete confidence – so important supplies will always get through.

Land Rover’s state-of-the-art Pivi Pro touchscreen infotainment will provide immediate and intuitive control of all the major vehicle functions, including seamless smartphone integration using Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Twin eSIM technology underpins Pivi Pro and supports Software-Over-The-Air (SOTA) capability, allowing customers to download updates for a variety of vehicle systems. For professionals using the Defender Hard Top for business, this will minimise time spent off the road as SOTA updates can be completed without the need to visit a Land Rover retailer.

In addition, the New Defender Hard Top models will feature a comprehensive suite of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. Land Rover’s 3D Surround Camera system provides an all-round visualisation of the vehicle on the central touchscreen, helping drivers manoeuvre safely in tight spaces or position the vehicle close to items ready for loading.

Convenience will be enhanced with the Remote smartphone app, which will allow businesses to keep track of the location, fuel level and journey history of their vehicle remotely, for ultimate peace of mind and security.

The first passenger models of Defender 110 are now being delivered to customers. To find out more visit:

*3,500kg for UK, Europe and RoW


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