The 8,950-hp portfolio will be unveiled on July 2.

Dodge will have a pretty busy summer. New car customers in America seem to be really enjoying their Dodge vehicles and the automaker will have to skip summer shutdown in order to meet the increased demand. In addition, the 2021 model lineup is just around the corner with the brand announcing it’ll reveal it in full on July 2.

Dodge has just published a teaser for the updated model range. Rather than posting a photo or a short video, the firm decided to go with a rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” produced with sounds of its supercharged Hemi engines. The reimagined anthem features a combination of high-speed revving, upshifting, downshifting, and supercharger whines.

“The sound of a screaming supercharged HEMI is so distinctive that this teaser video doesn’t need a single image... if you know, you know,” Tim Kuniskis, Head of Passenger Cars at FCA North America. “Tune in July 2 to celebrate with Dodge the pursuit of life, liberty and 8,950 horsepower.”

That last number mentioned by Kuniskis is what really caught our attention. Basically, the brand’s entire model portfolio should have a total combined output of 8,950 hp (6,674 kW) and this could hint at some power upgrades for some of the performance offerings. All should be revealed on July 2, when Dodge will not only unveil its 2021 model range but will also release a new full-length second video that showcases its new performance lineup set to the music created for the teaser. Just a day before the big debut, Dodge will also share three more teaser videos.

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“If you listen closely, and we know our fans will, you will get a taste of what’s coming for Dodge//SRT in 2021,” Kuniskis explained. “We think our fans will pick up on a few key notes.”

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