Prodrive's recent acquisition of Aston Martin from Ford has raised questions about the next move for the prestige auto maker. Now with Ford's financial problems no longer holding back development, Aston's new owners wish to expand the model lineup. Prodrive's Chief Executive David Richards stated, "Aston has to look at some of the things that are being done by our competitors, like the Audi R8 and the Japanese brands. We believe we can expand quite considerably." sources suggest a model lineup beyond the 4 current models all of which are based on a front-engine, rear wheel drive configuration sharing the same aluminum chassis may get a new range topping mid-engined supercar. In addition, promised for production is the Rapide which is a long wheelbase four-door version of the DB9.

Officially, Aston has no plans for a supercar however CEO Ulrich Bez hinted at a new model lineup with a range topping mid-engined supercar codenamed NPX at the Aston acquisition press conference. Bez stated, "There is definitely room above Rapide for a supercar like NPX, but details, like where the engine is, are still a subject to be discussed."

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