The Corvette C8 frenzy doesn’t seem to be slowing down very much. In this case, it’s literally speeding up in a big way. A bone stock 2020 Corvette with the 495-horsepower Z51 package can already hit 60 mph in three seconds. Any wagers on what a 736-hp C8 can do?

Sadly, this video doesn’t include an acceleration blast but it does feature a seriously powerful ‘Vette. The clip comes from Extreme Turbo Systems, a company based in southern Washington State not far from Portland. They’ve been tinkering with Chevy’s supposedly untunable C8, and as the company name suggests, turbochargers are very much part of the equation.

If we’re honest, the video isn’t terribly dramatic. The Corvette makes three pulls on a chassis dyno, sounding very healthy but not overly angry in any sense. The Dynojet readout tells a different story, as the first run shows the car producing 728 hp to the wheels. That works out to roughly 830 hp at the crankshaft, figuring a 12 percent driveline loss. But wait, there’s more.

The second run drops slightly to 726 hp, but run number three brings home the paycheck. The Dynojet records 736 hp and 669 pound-feet of torque at the wheels, with the boosted engine running at 7.5 psi. If that number sounds a bit low, you’re not alone. We can’t help but wonder how much power the LT2 is capable of with the boost cranked up a bit further.

The video claims this is the first tuned C8 Corvette to exceed 700 hp to the wheels. It’s virtually impossible to verify such claims, as there are a gazillion tuning shops around the U.S. and not all of them post on social media. We can say it’s more than we’ve seen from Hennessey, which dished out a not-at-all diminutive 643 hp with a prototype twin-turbo setup of its own.

According to Hennessey, that power level was achieved without programming changes to the car’s ECU, which can certainly be a scary proposition in terms of balancing out air-fuel ratios. Extreme Turbo Systems says its car uses a “proprietary tuning solution and methanol kit". There isn’t a listing for the turbo kit at the company’s website, so this appears to be a work-in-progress.

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