Editor Note: May 8, 1945 is known as VE Day – the day German forces surrendered to end World War II in the European theater. By the time official notification went out, it was May 9 in the Soviet Union and as such, the event is celebrated on May 9. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the day, but the COVID-19 pandemic forced the celebration in Moscow to be postponed until June 24.

Motor1 Russia was able to see a practice session of the parade leading up to the big day. Here is a preview of some of the Russian equipment that will roll through Moscow in honor of this special occasion, as presented by our Motor1 Russia colleagues.

On TV and on YouTube, the events of the 75th anniversary Victory Day Parade will flash quickly. The gathering of people and equipment passes through Red Square at a fast pace, in a continuous stream. Even for those familiar with such machinery, it will be difficult to catch everything happening. Even the commentator didn’t have enough time to talk about one specific car, but photographs catch the moment and hold it forever. As such, Motor1 will help you not to get confused.

At the final evening rehearsal in Moscow, we managed to review and photograph the main attractions of this large-scale event in honor of the May 9 celebration that was delayed due to coronavirus. So scroll through the slideshow above and see what the Russian army plans to ride and fight in for the future. The emphasis is on wheeled vehicles of course, though more than a few of those wheels are connected to tracks.


Photo by: Yury Uryukov
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