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Father's Day is often a time to give the father figures in our lives a cutesy card and a small gift. Ties, horribly designed, of course, are the go-to gift of choice for many. But for actress Gabrielle Union, such clichés wouldn't do for her husband, retired pro basketball player Dwayne Wade. She gifted him a 1974 Ford Bronco, and it doesn't look stock.

Union and Wade shared the Bronco with fans on Instagram. Wade wrote that he'd wanted a Bronco for years ever since he'd moved to Los Angeles and that he'd mentioned it to his wife, too. Wayde wrote on the post about the truck, "Well the wife was listening. Thank you @gabunion you did that!!!!"

The Bronco is a 1974 model that appears heavily modified with a creamy white exterior and a burnt orange interior. The video Wade posted to Instagram doesn't show off the entire SUV, though. We can see a heavy-duty winch at the front and "5.0" badges on the leading edge of the front fender above the orange marker lights, hinting at what lies under the hood.


Black bumpers, chrome side steps, and black fender flares add some nice contrast to its subdued design. Inside, the large orange seats look comfortable, with ample bolstering to hold passengers in place just in the event the pavement turns to dirt. The seats also appear to feature three-point harnesses for enhanced off-road safety. We can spot the spare tire attached to the rear, too.

While we can't all get our dream car gifted to us for Father's Day, Wade's Bronco is something he's wanted for a while, and you can hear in his voice how excited he is about it. The gift comes less than a month before Ford reveals the new 2021 Bronco. Wade may need a new one to match. 

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