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There aren't many official details available yet about the revived Jeep Wagoneer and larger Grand Wagoneer (rendered above), but an insider source offers some new info about the long-awaited SUV to Mopar Insiders. The person suggests the new model would arrive as one of the most technologically advanced products in FCA's entire lineup.

In its 2018 product plan, Jeep said the Wagoneer was getting a plug-in hybrid powertrain.  According to this source, the system has a large enough battery for the SUV to cover roughly 30 miles (48 kilometers) on a charge. It reportedly uses the same eight-speed automatic gearbox as the plug-in hybrid Wrangler. This source indicates the PHEV Wagoneer arrives a year after the combustion-powered version's debut.

The source also suggests the Grand Wagoneer has a very luxurious cabin. There would reportedly be a digital instrument cluster with an available head-up display and 12-inch frameless layout for the infotainment system. In addition, the front passenger has his or her own customizable screen to play with on the road. Plus, there's an optional rear passenger entertainment system. For one more screen, there would be a rear-facing camera display in the rearview mirror.

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Jeep will allegedly offer high-end materials for the Wagoneer's cabin. This will include leather upholstery and a mix of aluminum and wood trim. It sounds like a very comfortable place to take a road trip or even go off-roading.

Jeep pushed back the debut of the Grand Wagoneer and Grand Cherokee from the original plan of premiering them at the Detroit Auto Show in June before the event's cancellation. The company allegedly decided to push the unveiling back three months, putting the likely reveal in September. It's still possible for sales to start before the end of the year.

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