The coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage on in many parts of the world. As of this writing, 8.63 million cases of the dreaded COVID-19 have been reported worldwide, which resulted to almost half-a-million deaths. Italy was one of the first nations to get razed by the new coronavirus.

Worse, the adverse effects of the pandemic will continue to be felt, especially by children. Because of the changes in the community and the environment, children have to drastically change their habits, too, which include lack of school and other activities that are important for their growth.

Gallery: Example Of FCA Centro Stile Sketches

FCA and Save the Children – an international organization that works on safeguarding the future of children at risk – recognize that problem and work together to stART Again.

To make a contribution, FCA is selling 136 copies of sketches of the most iconic models from every FCA brand (Fiat, Jeep, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Abarth, and Fiat Professional) on their e-commerce merchandising platforms.

The sketches include the electric Fiat 500, Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA, Lancia Delta Integrale, Abarth 595, and the legendary Jeep Willys. 

"Design lies not only in how a vehicle is made and what it represents," said Klaus Busse, Head of the FCA Centro Stile. "It is also a vehicle for emotions. That's why it strikes such a chord with children and young people. For us designers, who have made drawing our profession, excellence in the production of a sketch becomes a potent means of communication. We want to take these 'graphic signs' as a starting point, to share them with fans of our brands and with those who wish to make their own contribution to the future of children who are now living through very difficult times."

For only 20 euros a sketch or around $22 with the current exchange rates, you can make a contribution to FCA's cause. The proceeds from this will be used to purchase supplies and teaching materials, funding the education of thousands of children in Italy.

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