See the full details on the 2021 Ford F-150 redesign.

The new Ford F-150 is almost here. We’ve seen numerous spy shots showing the inside and outside, and we’ve learned a fair amount through leaked information. At the end of May, Ford officially announced the reveal date for the new truck as June 25. And now, the automaker offers a teaser glimpse of the truck’s new eyes, posted right on Ford’s main website for all to see.

That is, we sort-of see the truck's new eyes. The headlights and fog lights are trimmed with LED strips, and this intentionally blacked-out teaser highlights the LED treatment. It’s also a feature we’ve seen prominently in spy photos, and for that matter, we’ve pretty much seen the entire front end in spy shots.

Ford hasn’t been shy about parading prototypes on public roads with just a basic camo wrap concealing design elements. We’ve seen various grilles and the new headlight shape all but exposed, and though this is a completely new truck, the overall approach – at least with exterior design – seems conservative.

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This teaser photo does give us something new to consider, however. This black-and-white head-on view shows a very chiseled, squared-off truck. Body lines on the raised section of the hood are pronounced here, and the LED strips follow rather closely to the outline of the fenders. F-Series fans who stare long enough at the image might even see shades of the seventh-generation truck and its squared headlights, produced through the mid-1980s.

Once the light comes up, however, it will be a completely different story. Some have described the new F-150’s look as a cross between the new Ram 1500 and the previous-generation GMC Sierra. Inside, we’re expecting to find a very large touchscreen infotainment system amid a new interior that will be familiar to F-150 owners. Buttons and manual controls will still be prevalent for major functions, with digital instrument displays available on at least some models.

Similarly, the powertrain should include turbocharged six-cylinder and V8 engine options with available four-wheel drive and a solid axle turning the rear wheels. When you have the best-selling vehicle in America, you don’t necessarily want to rock the boat but the next-generation F-150 will be the first to offer a fully electric model.

June 25 will be upon us in no time. Ford will hold a livestream event for the big unveiling, and you’ll be able to see it live here at starting at 8:00 PM EDT.

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