Acura NSX designer Jun Goto has revealed the company has begun working on a convertible variant.

Speaking to Autocar, Goto said "We are looking at the convertible, but we have a long way to go with it." Since the discussions are at an early stage, Goto said the company hasn't decided if the model will be offered with a hard or soft top.

Regardless of the final details, Autocar says the NSX Roadster is slated to be launched "at least two years" after the coupe arrives in 2015.

As you may recall, Acura created an NSX Roadster for The Avengers. At the time, the company said the model was a one-off that was "created specifically for the film."

In related news, Goto revealed the NSX coupe will share 95 percent of the concept's exterior styling. However, the interior will be less conservative than the concept.

Acura NSX Roadster in the works, could be launched two years after the coupe - report