So you want to drive the (allegedly) cleanest car on the planet, but you don't want to look like Louis Skolnick when you drive it. Here is your answer: splash out a good £30.000 pounds of accessories on a £20.000 car and amazingly enough the odd one out will look a little less out of place. A North-London Toyota dealership received just that request. And they happily obliged to paint the car in Lexus 'only' Brechin Slate, slapped on some Fox RS3 wheels and ordered some tailor-made interior. Press release and 4 pics after the jump Roger Hart from Jemca Toyota: "We were delighted to help the new owner achieve just the specification he wanted and believe that the result is the most valuable Prius ever sold in the UK." I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry, but someone has to have the most valuable Prius.

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