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Track days are fun no matter if you are a rookie with a Civic or a semi-pro with a turbocharged Porsche. But high speed combined with untrained drivers and potential mechanical failures or unpredictable track conditions is an explosive mix. Here’s why.

The onboard footage at the top of this article takes us to a track day in Ohio where a few Porsche drivers are trying to improve their cornering and achieve better times. At some point, around the 0:24-minute mark, what appears to be a white Porsche Cayman GT4 shows up all of a sudden at one of the corners going backwards at very high speed. The description of the video tells us more.

“Coolant spilled on the track causing a slick track, I had to get out of the ‘line’ to slow down. The GT4 behind me went into a spin as he pressed the brakes passing me backwards on the inside. The blue Porsche we passed on the straight also spun. Luckily no one was hurt!!”

Another video (attached just below) shows the accident from the Cayman’s cabin and it’s frightening. The good news is no one got hurt but we doubt the GT4 will be ready for thе track anytime soon.

“Hit coolant in braking zone. Luckily the safety equipment worked and I walked away without any significant injury,” the driver explains in the video description.

What’s the moral of the story? When on track, be patient and always think twice before you wait one extra second to hit the brakes. It's not worth it.

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