If there's a passageway to car heaven, this must be it.

Car heaven. For gearheads and car nuts, we have different versions of it, depending on which brands we are fans of. We've seen a '90s-themed Acura car heaven before, while some car heavens are filled with exotic hypercars (and now-four Bugattis) like Manny Khoshbin's.

But if there's a real car heaven out there, I think we might have found a passageway and it's called The Holy Grail Garage in East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Why so, you ask? Well, to begin with, it's literally a church – at least it was, and you can almost feel the holiness of the cars stored in this place.

Gallery: The Holy Grail Garage

The Holy Grail Garage (HGG) is owned by Mike Fanto. According to the website, HGG was built from a decommissioned church, which explains the architectural styling. It's quite fitting, though, and as I've mentioned, the whole thing exhumes a holy aura, especially for car nuts.

Apart from a storage garage for exotic cars and normal prized possessions alike, his whole concept includes a special car club that connects the members through great amenities within the facility. The storage spaces have 24-hour surveillance, fire systems, wash bay, detail area, and more.

HGG also offers a clubhouse lounge for its members, which include amenities like multiple big-screen TVs, billiards table, cigar room, bar/lounge area, and others. And yes, as a customer, you'll also be part of an exclusive community of gearheads like yourselves.

We're not quite sure how much the membership is, but HGG's website says that slots and spaces are limited. Motorcycles are also welcome, by the way.

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