Love exposed carbon fiber? Check this one out.

Not quite sold by the appearance of the 2020 Corvette C8's engine bay above? I'm not quite sure what to tell you, but I think it looks okay in stock form. The LT2 is arguably among the coolest-looking V8s out there, especially with the fin-like styling found in the new mid-engine Corvette.

If ticking all the options on a 2020 Corvette isn't satisfying you, and you really want to stand out among the sea of C8 owners, then this is something that might interest you.

Gallery: 2020 Corvette Carbon Fiber Engine Cover by Sigala Designs

Introducing the exposed carbon fiber engine cover for the mid-engine Vette, made by Sigala Designs. Priced at $549.99, the carbon fiber engine cover pretty much adapts the form of the original cover, including the chiseled bits, but in a glossy carbon fiber finish.

I like it, personally, and combined with Chevy's $995 engine appearance package that includes LED lighting and other carbon fiber parts, you'll pretty much have the tastiest-looking engine bay in all Corvettedom with all of the carbon fiber upgrades within the engine bay.

If you don't like Chevy's own engine appearance package, Sigala Designs offers its own set for only $799.99, along with other carbon fiber upgrades to several C8 parts such as the Corvette logo up front and the Stingray logo at the back, as well as other areas updated in the fully-loaded C8 build that we've seen before.

Of note, the aftermarket company also offers a widebody kit for the mid-engine Corvette, if that rocks your socks. The whole widebody upgrade comes at a price, though, asking for $14,995.00 for a 32-piece kit.

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