Getting away this summer will be harder than ever, but if you want to keep your distance and still enjoy time away from the homestead, then a camper could be a perfect choice. RVs are popular, and that’ll likely grow for the foreseeable future. But picking the right camper can be a challenge, and nuCamp RV certainly isn’t making it any easier with an updated lineup of campers available for the 2021 model year.

The company has updated its TAB 400, TAG, and TAB 320 teardrop campers along with its Cirrus 820 truck camper. Some receive more significant updates and upgrades than others. For example, the TAB 320’s exterior has changed little since nuCamp introduced it in 2002, but nuCamp gave it a sleeker profile and silhouette for 2021. Many of the updates were across the board, too – improved storage options, higher-quality materials, updated graphics, and other improvements that make the camping experience that much more enjoyable.

Some changes were a bit more significant, though. The RV company modified the chassis of its TAB 400 teardrop camper. This makes it easier for SUV drivers to tow, too. Inside, many of the campers received LED interior and signature lighting, an upgraded entertainment system with Bluetooth connectivity, and improved heating and cooling, along with plenty of storage areas and nooks. One update nuCamp made to the trailers was upgrading the LP storage tub from plastic to a diamond plate.

None of the updates nuCamp made revolutionize the camping experience, though those who buy a nuCamp camper should enjoy the numerous small changes made. In the TAB 400, the company moved the stargazer window over the bed up 10 inches, which provided several more inches of space while feeling even more open. Put a lot of little changes together, and they can feel significant.

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