Nissan has unveiled today in Tokyo the interesting BladeGlider concept which according to the Japanese automaker has the potential of becoming "the best handling production car in the world."

It's more than just a simple concept to attract attention as the BladeGlider will actually serve as the basis for an upcoming production model. The striking design is highlighted by an extremely narrow front track, while the wide rear track has allowed Nissan's engineers to install most of the heavy components of the car. As a matter of fact, 70 percent of the vehicle's weight sits on the two rear wheels where there are lithium-ion batteries, two in-board motors and the two rear passengers.

Speaking of occupants, the BladeGlider, which follows in the footsteps of Nissan's ZEOD RC Zero Emission on Demand racecar, adopts a McLaren F1-inspired 1+2 seating arrangement and is maneuvered from an aircraft-type steering wheel. All the controls are easy to use thanks to the high-tech instrumentation technology which is also capable of displaying relief maps and atmospheric conditions.

Nissan didn't provide any performance specifications but they did say the concept is powered by rear in-wheel motors and that it has great handling capabilities thanks to its 30:70 weight distribution and rear-wheel drive layout.

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