Ford has been pretty busy on the legal front lately. After recently filing trademarks for the Wolftrak and Outfitters names, it has also filed documents for the Everglades moniker. First discovered by Roadshow, the filing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office dates back to June 5 this year. Obviously, we have no official information about whether it’s going to be used for a new Ford vehicle but at least we have some educated guesses.

The description of the filing mentions it can be used for "automobiles, pick-up trucks, electric vehicles, sport-utility vehicles, off-road vehicles and their structural parts," which could at least give us an indication for what type of car it could be used for. That's a very wide spectrum of potential vehicles but the utility part prevails.

Just like with Ford’s previous trademark filings for names of national parks, including Badlands and Big Bend, this new name could be used for some sort of an equipment package for the Bronco off-roader. The company also has a new F-150 coming very soon and the truck could also be a potential candidate for the newly trademarked monikers.

Chances of Ford using the Everglades name on a standalone model seem very slim at the moment. In fact, it could never be used for anything, as automakers often take that one extra step to protect a name without even having actual plans for it. Or, as a Ford spokesperson explained to Roadshow, "Trademark applications are intended to protect new phrases, designs or symbols but aren't necessarily an indication of new business or product plans."

As a side note, the new F-150 will debut on June 25 this year, while the revived Bronco should arrive at some point next month. The smaller and more civilized Bronco Sport is next in line for a debut later this year.

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Photo by: Automedia
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