It looks like it's going to transform anytime to fight a Kaiju.

Before reading on, let me remind you that this is just a fictional rendering and in no way an official vehicle to be produced by Mercedes-Benz.

We can't deny that we're now at the age of automobile electrification. Even supercars and hypercars, which were exclusively powered by internal combustion engines, have started seeing names that are either hybrid or purely propelled by electric motors. Battery technology is continuously improving, of course, but this begs another question: what's next?

Gallery: Mercedes Redsun Rendering By Wayne Jung

Behance artist Wayne Jung aims to answer that with his vision for future automobiles – solar-powered cars. While earlier and present ideas of solar-powered vehicles look like soapboxes with grid-designed panels, Jung's interpretation of a future sunlight-fueled automobile wants to differ.

Dubbed as the Mercedes-Benz Redsun, Jung imagines the future Three-Pointed Star sports car to draw power from the sun but with a more attractive styling than what's currently on the table.

While we see influences of the Mercedes-AMG One in Jung's work, we want to applaud his unique design execution on the fictional future Merc using the brand's Three-Pointed Star as the basepoint of his design.

The Redsun's styling plus the red paint also reminds us of another fictional entity: Kaiju. We can't help but see the Jung's work as a robotic automobile, transforming anytime to a Kaiju-fighting machine. Yes, that's kind of a mixed bag of fictional creatures, but that's just us – maybe that's because we're watching too much science fiction these days as an effect of the coronavirus lockdown.

But then again, solar-powered automobiles aren't a far-fetched idea. As the world shifts to sustainability, a good-looking example is a welcome thought.

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