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While both the Mercedes-AMG CLA 35 and 45 are very capable vehicles, AMG found a way to make them even faster. The German automaker has designed and built an improved aero package to give the CLA vehicles more downforce. Along with an increase in performance, the new aero appendages add to the already sharp Mercedes aesthetic.

The AMG Aerodynamics Package includes a new front splitter, massaged rear aero vents, and a new rear diffuser. A higher-level Plus version of the kit is also available which includes a decently sized rear wing. We’re not sure of the exact aero gains associated with these new pieces but we know they make both CLA models look good.

If you opt for the rear wing, Mercedes says that it "ensures the expressive look of an uncompromising racer." We’ll let you decide on that, but aerodynamic pieces like these should make some kind of difference on both the road and at the race track. While it’s not a full DTM aero kit, we'd expect to see that wing and splitter give the Benz at least a little more bite on the tarmac. And there's no denying the package punches up the CLA's otherwise elegant coupe-like shape.

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The AMG Aerodynamics Package is available for $1,692 (€1,487) while the AMG aerodynamics plus package will set you back $3,113 (€2,737). U.S. availability is unknown at this time but we’d love to see it here in the States.

Let us know what you think of the new aero kit in the comments below. Would you opt for the rear wing? We think we'd go without it and keep the factory CLA aesthetic alive.

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