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On a regular circumstance, Monday night is the most boring night of the week. It isn't dreadful, as you just came from a weekend, but you can't really just party hard yet since it's just the beginning of the week.

However, these folks from Ontario, Canada had an idea to spice up their Monday evening last May – a donut party on an empty parking lot.

Burning rubber while drifting in circles, or doing donuts, is just one of the fun things car nuts could do with their ride. It's harmless, so to speak, not unless the tire tracks left were enough to cover an entire parking lot.

That's what happened in the Forest City Community Church's parking lot, according to a report by London CTV News. As seen on the video (embedded on top), several gearheads were burning rubber on the wide cemented lot, leaving tire tracks enough to make it look like a graffiti wall when viewed from above.

It was a harrowing sight to see, especially if you're among the ones who put all the effort to build the church along with the adjacent parking lot.

Senior Pastor Rob Hogendoorn, however, did the unexpected. According to the latest report about the incident, two of the drivers involved have apologized on behalf of the group, saying that the gathering was supposed to honor a friend who had just died, but the whole thing got out of hand.

Upon learning that, Hogendoorn decided not to press charges against the group. He didn't even ask for them to pay for the repairs that need to be done on the parking lot. On the contrary, Hogendoorn even offered to hold a car cruise-in memorial service for the offenders' friend after the coronavirus crisis.

Talk about taking the high road, but we sure do hope that these folks have learned their lesson after the incident. Doing donuts is fun, yes, but doing it while vandalizing a privately-owned parking lot isn't cool.

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