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Ever wonder what Cadillac smells like? Don't think of the fragrance of one of the premium brand's vehicles but instead focus on the aroma of Cadillac's essence. The world might find out soon because General Motors is very close to having a trademark on the marque's name that would cover the use for candles, room fragrances, perfumes, colognes, and non-medicated soaps for personal use. Yeah, it's very weird.

Cadillac Society first discovered the filing. GM filed the trademark application on January 2, 2020. The United States Patent and Trademark Office published the filing on May 5. Because no one filed any opposition to the trademark in 30 days, the automaker just needs the USPTO to give a final stamp of approval before officially owning the right to sell Cadillac-branded fragrances. 

Additional searches don't show General Motors applying for new trademarks for fragrances for its other brands. This suggests that the automaker doesn't plan to roll out a whole array of colognes or candles for each nameplate. Don't look for a Pontiac- or Saturn-branded aroma anytime soon.

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Cadillac is about to have a major model shakeup with the introduction of the Lyriq electric crossover and later the Celestiq sedan (rendered above). Maybe, the company is preparing a trademark scent to go with these EVs that it would also offer separately as a fragrance in candles and cologne.

We could also see the company tapping into nostalgia and making fragrances with inspiration from classic models. They would probably have names like Eldorado and Deville. Somehow, we doubt you're going to see Cimarron- or Catera-derived smells on the market.

As with any trademark filing, it's always possible that the company doesn't do anything with this idea. However, it seems very off for GM to do the paperwork to use the Cadillac name on fragrances for seemingly no reason.

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