We are continually impressed with the performance of the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette. Our own first drive of the Corvette in and around Las Vegas revealed a car with serious track chops despite some notable flaws such as space and body roll. However, we keep reminding ourselves (and others) that this is the base model ‘Vette. Other track-dedicated models like the Z06 are coming, but until then, the C8 is a surprising performer.

Case-in-point is a new video clip from Speed Phenom, who we’ve seen before behind the wheel on race tracks. This time he heads to Laguna Seca to see how the C8 handles the infamous Corkscrew, and from a driver's perspective, the car seems well planted at the twisty, technical course. The video explains early on that the car is fitted with fresh brake pads and tires, and the suspension is dialed in with track-focused camber settings. In short, it should be the best track-specific stock setup you’ll find in a present-day C8. And it’s certainly no slouch.

This clip captures an open-track event, so we’re not talking about hardcore fender-to-fender racing with seasoned professionals. Still, the Corvette manages to reel in a Dodge Viper ACR – a machine most decidedly created specifically for dominating road courses. That’s not to say a new Stingray is faster on a track than the hardcore ACR, since we have no idea what kind of tires the Dodge had, nor the skill level of the driver.

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After a couple of laps the Viper driver waves the Corvette by, but if you keep an eye in the C8’s rearview mirror leading up to that, you’ll see the other player in this matchup. That’s a Porsche 911 GT3 in pursuit, and its driver seems rather keen on passing the ‘Vette. We don’t know if it ever happens – if it does, it’s not shown on camera. But there’s no denying the Porsche was all over the C8 in the corners.

Still, if we’re seeing this kind of action with the starter-level Corvette Stingray, what will the Z06 be like? We can’t wait to find out.

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