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Many keen YouTube enthusiasts have probably heard of the Hydraulic Press Channel. The same YouTuber has created a second channel called Beyond the press to showcase some extracurricular hooliganry. In its latest installment, the goal is to put a car into orbit using only dynamite. You could only guess how that went….

After preparing the car for launch, its make and model were impossible to identify. However, it wasn’t difficult to see the spectacular amount of dynamite the guys planned to use in propelling the vehicle. 154 pounds (70 kilograms) of dynamite is what the backyard Finnish Space Program thought to be ample in getting its craft out of Mother Earth’s orbit. We weren’t surprised that SpaceX didn’t call in to oversee the operation.

That said, like most missions deep into the unknown, cargo was taken on board. Unlike other missions where NASA might spend thousands of hours figuring out how to resupply its astronauts with life-saving gear or freeze-dried meals, the guys at Beyond the press decided to fire some delicious pizza into space. It gives a whole new meaning to the concept of delivery in 30 minutes or less.

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The aim was to bury the explosives roughly six feet (two meters) below ground in an effort to launch the spaceship instead of destroying it. After a considerable amount of digging with an excavator, the hole was complete and the explosives were dropped inside.

Following six hours of preparation, it was time for detonation/launch. Technical terms aside, we didn’t have the same nervous excitement as seeing the recent SpaceX launch. Rather unsurprisingly, the pizza delivery mission was a catastrophic failure. Instead of launching the car into orbit, it was blown into a million pieces of shrapnel that were scattered throughout the Finnish forest.

Destruction aside, we must admit that controlled explosions are satisfying to watch unfold. 



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