Japan'sLiberty Walkis famous for offering crazy looking body kits with outrageously large fenders, and the company's new parts for the Toyota Supra take the excessiveness to new levels. It's ostentatious but sort of looks good.

The kit includes a new front splitter that sticks out several inches from the bumper. It attaches to a set of massively flared fenders, and, as if they aren't wide enough, there canards that stick out even farther at the lower edges. Broad side sills run from the front flares to the ones at the back.

The rear wears an immense diffuser, and the wing is absolutely gargantuan. In the real-world photos, Liberty Walk shows a support that runs from the center of the wing down to the diffuser, but the piece isn't visible in the studio shots. The styling looks better with the section in place.

Gallery: Toyota Supra Liberty Walk

Liberty Walk offers the kit a few ways. The whole thing costs $14,850 for fiberglass pieces or $15,950 for carbon fiber. Customers can also get all of the components in addition to a new hood with vents near the windshield for $17,930 in fiberglass or $19,030. Alternatively, the parts are available separately for someone who doesn't want everything.

The Supra received an update for the 2021 model year that pushes its 3.0-liter inline-six to 382 horsepower (285 kilowatts) and 368 pound-feet (499 Newton-meters), instead of the previous 335 hp (250 kW). The company now puts the 0-60 mph (96 kph) at 3.9 seconds. Toyota also tweaks the suspension, power steering, and active differential settings. Inside, the 6.5-inch infotainment screen is gone, and all Supras get the larger 8.8-inch display.

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