It's a 2LT with the Z51 package, but the estimated retail value is abnormally high.

From 300+ new Mercedes Sprinter chassis cabs to a wrecked Porsche Taycan Turbo, you can find just about everything on the Copart online auction site. That includes the new Chevrolet Corvette C8, but this particular example of the mid-engined sports car has certainly seen better days. Located in Cleveland, Ohio, the car was involved in a serious accident that made the headlines about a month ago. Now, it’s heading to auction if you’re brave enough to bid on it.

From the front and side body damages to the deployed airbags, this ‘Vette is in some serious need of TLC. It also looks like half of the rear wing is missing, and that’s only what is visible to the naked eye. There could very well be some serious structural damages, thus making the damages too severe to try and bring the C8 back into shape.

One thing that caught our attention on Copar’s website is the unusually high estimated retail value of $107,699. This is only a 2LT coupe with the Z51 package, so we’re looking at $67,295 for the mid-range trim level and $5,000 for the optional pack. Granted, this car also has some other extras such as the black wheels, carbon fiber aero kit, and the engine appearance pack, but that’s still not enough to push the price into six-figure territory. That kind of money will get you the Corvette with all the bells and whistles as we showed you back in October 2019 when we maxed out the configurator.

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Since we mentioned structural repairs, whoever ends up buying this wrecked C8 in an attempt to fix it, the car will have to be taken to certified GM Collision Repair Network (CRN) or Cadillac Aluminum Repair Network (CARN) shops. While the future of this heavily damaged Corvette is in doubt, at least another wrecked C8 will live to see another day, complete with a four-rotor setup to revive the spirit of the Aerovette concept.

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