It's too soon to say whether these will be found on cars and trucks you'll be able to buy.

Between the launches of the two new Bronco models and the next-generation F-150, Ford has a lot on its plate in the following months. It will be interesting to see whether any of these front grille designs have anything to do with the Blue Oval’s hotly anticipated models. Discovered by Ford Authority while browsing through the United States Patent and Trademark Office website, these trademark filings show Ford has taken the legal measures to trademark a quartet of grille designs.

The company filed to trademark them with the USPTO on May 29, with all four currently awaiting examination. The first one pictured in the gallery below has a mesh design that brings back memories of the original Escape and other SUVs from the early 2000s, including the Explorer. It’s a type of grille that likely works best on an SUV, not that Ford is selling many cars in the US anyway…

The second grille featured in the gallery has four horizontal bars flanked by two vertical air intakes, thus creating a design that might be reserved for a pickup truck. We’re making this assumption based on the fact the twelfth-gen F-150 had somewhat of a similar look in a few of the trim levels, although it wasn’t exactly the same as this one.

As for the third front grille Ford is attempting to trademark, there’s a good chance it’s reserved for an SUV since its contour is similar to what the previous Explorer had. The sides of the grille are angled and therefore likely not connected to the F-150 or its derivatives since these typically have a more upright configuration.

Gallery: Ford front grille trademarks

The fourth grille with its C-shaped end pieces is similar to what you’ll find on today’s F-250, for example. It appears to boast thick framing and three horizontal bars in a design that is likely destined for a pickup truck.

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Time will tell whether any of these will be installed on the Bronco, Bronco Sport, or the new F-150. There’s also the possibility Ford won’t use them at all since not everything a company files to trademark is used on a product.

We should have some answers in the coming weeks as the next F-150 debuts June 25 while the bigger of the two Broncos will be revealed in July. The smaller Bronco Sport is not far behind either.

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