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The Chevrolet Corvette C8 and the A90 Toyota Supra are two sports cars that share only a few things in common. One's a mid-engine coupe, the other's front-engined. One's close to 500 horsepower in total output, the other's down by more than 100 hp. One's American-made, the other is Japanese that's designed with the Germans and built in Austria.

The only few things that both cars share is that they're both rear-wheel driven and they're both of the hottest cars of 2019.

Track Battle: Corvette vs Supra

With these mentioned, guess we could say that the Corvette C8 and Toyota Supra are worlds apart. Apple-to-orange comparison, if you must say. But that doesn't stop some people from comparing them, such as this video from Jackie Ding that puts the mid-engine Corvette in a track battle against a Supra A90.

Of note, the cars in the video on top of this page aren't bone-stock as they're given slight modifications to enhance their performance and for track day usage. The C8 is equipped with 245/305 Goodyear Supercar 3 tires, Gloc brake pads, and given track alignment. As for the Supra, It has 275 Yokohama A052s, CSG brake pads, bucket seat, and HKS lowering springs.

Yes, in the end, this is indeed an apple-to-orange comparison. So what's the point of this anyway? Think of it this way: if ever you have 60 grand in there lying around and you're thinking of buying yourself a sports car, would you go for a stock Corvette? Or would you buy a more affordable Supra and modify it to your satisfaction?

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