The new BMW M4 is one of the worst kept secrets of the automotive industry considering we’ve seen our fair share of hugely revealing spy shots. Add another one as a member of the Bimmer Post forums has shared an image of what’s likely a pre-production prototype without any camouflage whatsoever. While the shape and size of the grille itself is not a surprise, you will notice the kidneys have horizontal slats replacing the intricate mesh of the lesser 4 Series Coupe models.

In our opinion, the front bumper design doesn’t look necessarily more aggressive than the one reserved for the M440i xDrive model, which is a bit of a surprise. The sides of the bumper are hosting vertical vents, although it remains to be seen whether those are actually functional to cool the brakes or are there just for show.

Another change we’re able to observe compared to the 4 Series Coupe / M440i is the prominent front spoiler lip finished in glossy black. Look higher and you’ll see the redesigned hood has two indentations that seem to stretch from nearly the base of the windshield to the bottom of the hood. The viewing angle doesn’t allow us to see if there are actual vents to cool down the engine or it’s simply a design element.

If you’re having doubts about the authenticity of the image, you shouldn’t. Previous spy shots fully revealing the front design of the M4 Coupe as well as the rear design of the M3 Sedan were confirmed by BMW to be legit. In other words, this is what you’ll find at a BMW dealer near you once the car will go on sale in 2021.

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Another member of the Bimmer Post forums tinkered with the image and painted the M4 in vibrant colors in an attempt to expose more design details. There’s also a second image showing the front bumper with its mighty grille hosting the M4 logo in the top-right corner of the right kidney.

BMW recently announced the M3 Sedan and M4 Coupe will premiere in September. The dynamic duo will be offered with rear- and all-wheel drive, manual and automatic transmissions as well as in a Competition flavor with 503 horsepower.

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