It’s okay, we know you love great dyno videos.

The famed American tuner is back with a new custom exhaust system for the Corvette C8. Along with adding drama to the stock soundtrack, the new pipes are lighter than stock and give the 2020 ‘Vette more power and torque. Hennessy’s latest video showcases the improved sound and performance that the system provides.

It gives the new Corvette 21 more horsepower (16 kilowatts) and 19 more pound-feet (25 Newton-meters) of torque. Along with these improvements, the Hennessey system is 11 pounds lighter than the factory unit. Built from stainless steel, the system is not only lighter than stock but will last much longer without the risk of rust or corrosion. All very good material properties for an exhaust system.

Hennessey’s new design for the C8 doesn’t only make the car faster, but also completely transforms the character of the car. Within the first 10 seconds of the video, a series of revs confirm that this system takes the Corvette’s sound from rapid road car to racetrack terminator. You wouldn’t mistake it for a C8R racer exiting the pits at Daytona, but it’s still mighty impressive. It gives the car a much more raw and angry sound over the relatively pedestrian stock exhaust.

Gallery: Hennessey Corvette C8 Exhaust

Built in-house at Hennessey, the exhaust seen and heard in the video is the exact same system that powered the tuner’s test car to over 205 mph (329.9 kph). Coming from the same company that created one of the fastest road-legal cars ever, this looks to be an impressive system, at least when it comes to sound. Would you upgrade your C8? Let us know in the comments below.