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A new Hyundai Tucson is coming. We first spotted camouflaged prototypes in August 2019, and since then it’s made numerous on-camera appearances. To Hyundai’s credit, test vehicles have remained well covered, but we’ve seen enough to know it will have some funky body lines and wear a massive grille.

A new video from AtchaCars on YouTube attempts to peel away the heavy camouflage through a series of renderings, depicting the crossover in various colors. A few of the renderings also depict portions of the grille with lights, including cornering and daytime running lamps. It all blends seamlessly into what can only be described as a wide, toothy smile. Whether you like it or hate it, the look is most decidedly bold.

The million-dollar question is whether these renderings accurately depict the new model. There is clear evidence to support the light-up grille as presented here – we’ve seen lights shining through on some prototypes, and we spotted one vehicle without any heavy camouflage at all on the front clip. The grille holds station in the middle, with two banks of lights mimicking the grille shape on either side. Those lights arc upward to form the smile, blending seamlessly with the headlights.

Gallery: 2021 Hyundai Tucson Renderings

As for the sharp, contrasting body lines, it appears more likely that they will be part of the Tucson’s design. Initially, the heavy camouflage coverings made it unclear if we were looking at false body panels in areas along the side and rear. As the heavy camo transitioned to a body wrap, the contrasting creases between the front and rear doors became clear, not to mention the flared fenders. It’s possible there are still some fake panels exaggerating those lines under the wrap, but only just a little.

In other words, the answer to that million-dollar question appears to be yes. We suspect these renderings are fairly close to what Hyundai’s new Tucson will look like. That brings us to another question we pose to you, reader. Is this bold look too bold for Hyundai’s popular people mover?

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