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Chevrolet's factory in Bowling Green, Kentucky, is building the Corvette again, the Bowtie offers some intriguing info about the orders for the model so far. During a presentation at the National Corvette Museum's Annual Corvette Bash, the company released a highly detailed breakdown of how folks ordered the 'Vette.

Starting with the color, Torch Red appears on 25 percent of Corvettes. The other shades in the top three are Arctic White at 15 percent and Black as 12 percent. The two least common paint choices are Accelerate Yellow and Zeus Bronze that are each at 3 percent.

Moving inside, Jet Black is most common at 28 percent, but Adrenaline Red is nearly as popular at 25 percent. The shade you're least likely to see in a 'Vette so far is Morello Red because it accounts for just 1 percent of them. At 63 percent, most folks are opting for the standard Black seatbelts, and Adrenaline Red is second-most popular again at 18 percent.

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Just 17 percent of orders for the C8 have been for the convertible model. Unfortunately, those customers need to be patient because the current plan is that the assembly of this model wouldn't begin until July. So far, 56 percent of folks want the range-topping 3LT trim. 

The other 83 percent of orders are for the Corvette coupe, although it's lift-off roof panel still lets owners enjoy open-air motoring. The 3LT grade occupies 44 percent of orders, and the 2LT is close behind it at 40 percent.

Check out the images above to see even more data about how people are ordering the model.

Due to the coronavirus forcing the closure of the Corvette's factory, production of 2020 model year examples now reportedly runs through October. Assembly of the 2021 vehicles would begin in November. There are allegedly over 20 updates, but some of them are minor things like switching out the available colors.

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