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The relationship between auto manufacturers and dealerships can certainly be love-hate. Case-in-point is a leaked video posted in the AcuraZine forums intended for dealership eyes only. The clip has since been taken down at its source, but it revealed some interesting information about Acura’s future, including a couple of noteworthy additions to the lineup.

The big tamale here is arguably the confirmation of a new MDX Type-S. It’s not a surprise – we saw a camouflaged prototype nearly a year ago sporting an aggressive set of tires and quad-exhaust tips out the back. The current MDX offers nothing like this, and with the automaker sending a 400-horsepower MDX Sport Hybrid up the hill last year at Pikes Peak, it’s obvious Acura is keen to grab some additional SUV sales with something more sporty.

Sadly, the dealer presentation doesn’t offer additional details on the hotter MDX. However, leaked images from last year tell us how the new MDX might look, and spy sources speak of a twin-turbocharged V6 providing power under the hood. Whether that’s a version of the current 3.5-liter engine or the boosted 3.0-liter going into the new TLX Type S remains to be seen, but we hedge our bets on the 3.0 mill.

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If SUVs aren’t your thing, then the big tamale for you will be a new Type S version of … something. A screenshot from the dealer presentation shows an unnamed compact sedan that will launch before 2022. What’s interesting here is that it apparently won’t be the brand’s current small sedan, the ILX. Unless Acura is engaging in some clever misdirection here, the ILX will be dropped by the 2022 model year, with this new sedan taking its place.

Acura Model Timeline

Naturally, the AcuraZine forums are ablaze with speculation about the return of the Integra moniker, but that wouldn’t fit in the company’s current naming structure. Then again, Escalade endures amid a sea of Cadillac alphanumeric designations, and Lincoln saw fit to resurrect Continental among its own alphabet soup of models. In other words, anything is possible.

If the leaked presentation is the real deal, Acura’s goal for the next couple of years is to get annual sales above 200,000 units. Knowing what we know about SUV sales, an MDX makeover with a high-performance Type S should help make that happen. As for this mystery Type S sedan, if Integra does indeed make a comeback, it could inspire younger buyers to give Acura a second look.

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